We are Investsuite.  Nice to meet you.

Investsuite is a European wealthtech company providing B2B investment products as-a-service. We help financial institutions retain their clients by addressing their rapidly-evolving digital needs and increase their market position.  Our white-label products include a modular roboadvisory solution and a self-execution trading platform. Our ambition is to further grow our product portfolio in 2019 and beyond. 


Our Team

Our team is a unique mix of professionals with deep domain know-how and extensive experience in international banking and tech service delivery.  Moreover, the team has already built a successful international venture together, so superior standards, common culture and tempered trust are baked in.

Bart Vanhaeren, the CEO and co-founder is a senior European banker with experience in various group-level and business unit roles.  The CTO and co-founder, Laurent Sorber set up his own roboadvisory startup, founded a machine learning consultancy and worked as a senior data scientist. 

The other team members have between 10-20 years of banking experience each, including decades of experience working abroad.  Specific expertise areas include B2B product integration, project management, modelling & big data management, design & customer journey development as well as legal and compliance.


Bart Vanhaeren - CEO / Co-founder

Before embarking on the entrepreneurial path, I worked for almost 20 years in senior roles in banking.  In my last role I was Board Member at KBC Securities, where we launched multiple award-winning fintech businesses. I am obsessed by innovation and by 'building and growing businesses'.  I am deeply convinced about the merits of the convergence of technology, design and finance.


Laurent Sorber - CTO / Co-founder

I'm a passionately curious mathematical engineer and full-stack developer.  After graduating as a Ph.D. in mathematical engineering I became the data science lead at the KBC Bank Group data lab, after which I co-founded Radix.ai, a machine learning company.  I take pride in looking beyond the obvious & existing to find new deep solutions to practical customer problems and needs.  


Chris Eichhorn - Business Development

I'm an American living in Poland and a Thunderbird graduate with retail banking experience in US, Latin America, Asia Pacific & Europe.  New business models and strong alliances are needed to bring breakthrough digital solutions to market.


Hederik laloo - Growth manager

I have a passion for banking with a strong focus on securities and especially on MiFID II implementation. Whether we like it or not, yesterday's banking solutions won't offer a better tomorrow. Senior banking expert and BPO specialist. 


Ludwik DylÄ…g - Senior Software Engineer

I'm a software engineer with enthusiasm for the latest tech and delivering end to end solutions.  Strong skills in business intelligence and web application development in banking, telecom and public sectors.  Windsurfing is my offline passion.


Luk verhelst - Head of ICT & Development

I'm an IT aficionado experienced in web development, project management and analysis.  My specialties include the application layer of large-scale IT environments, data engineering & product ownership. Mifid II and PRIIPS expert. 



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