Our Solution


a smart way for financial institutions to launch a branded roboadvisor

Our first product includes 1a scalable white-label roboadvisory solution and the necessary services to set it up.  

Our convenient Robo-as-a-service solution allows banks to launch their own roboadvisory product cost-effectively and within a reasonable time frame.  It's an effective way to avoid making large capital investments or embarking on a complex internal development project.

The solution is flexible and can be configured in the following ways:

  • As a fully stand-alone product & dedicated mobile application. It could be either white-labelled or launched under a new brand name

  • Integrated in an online brokerage service by positioning it as an extension of a self-directed online retail trading offering

  • Integrated in a bank’s mobile platform to position it as an integral part of a banking offer

We also provide the necessary support to integrate our product with existing banking systems and overall product offering.  Our approach is standardised and transparent, which helps instill confidence in Investsuite as a partner.  First, we will organise several workshops to determine the broad scope & principles of our cooperation.  Relevant experts from both parties will then develop an implementation approach based on each client’s individual expectations & requirements.  This approach will be the blueprint for the joint implementation project to set up and launch the solution.  After product launch, we continue to provide support to ensure the solution continues to meet the needs of financial institutions and their clients.




Why choose Investsuite?

1. powerful portfolio construction algorithm

Our solution offers an automated investment management service that maximizes the real investment returns¹ for each investor's risk tolerance, financial capacity, and investment preferences. Optimized and individually personalized portfolios are identified based on the Nobel prize-winning technology Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). We've taken MPT as a solid foundation for portfolio optimization and integrated over 60 years of technological advances in machine learning and operations research to build a next generation of portfolio construction models. In addition to the benefits of MPT, our algorithm can select which low-cost ETFs to invest in out of a universe of thousands of possibilities so that the portfolio's growth journey is as comfortable as possible while meeting the growth targets defined by the investor.

2. strong INTEGRATION capabilities

Our B2B focus is a cornerstone of our strategy.  Our team has the skills and experience required to professionally integrate our solution with businesses of all sizes, aided by an API-based architecture.  The goal is to ensure that end customers enjoy a convenient and seamless buying experience, as if no service provider were involved. 

3.  Design thinking in our dna 

Our entire team is committed to designing user-friendly and intuitive customer interfaces and tools to make investing easy and enjoyable.  We start by fully understanding customer needs and expectations, which are heavily influenced by tech trendsetters such as Amazon, Uber and AirBnB.  Our team is intrigued by "the creative side of life" and have used that spirit to develop end to end processes that just make sense, while at the same time ensuring that the highest privacy and GDPR standards are maintained.  Brilliant simplicity is mission-critical to establish trust and transparency vis a vis digital prospects and convert them to long-term clients.


We aim to be the industry reference when it comes to offering personalised investment advice, on a case by case basis.  To do so, we have built a MIFID II-compliant profiling process that will provide meaningful insights into the retail client's financial goals, knowledge, experience and situation.   Furthermore we developed a framework to use these insights to determine an appropriate risk profile for the investor.  A suitable investment portfolio is then created and proposed to the investor on the basis of his risk profile and personal preferences.

¹Real investment returns are returns in the investor's home currency that take into account: yields on stocks & bonds, dividend tax, stock exchange tax and ongoing charges for the underlying securities.