Our Vision of Symbiosis


 building Solid bonds

We strongly believe that cooperation between traditional financial institutions and fintechs generates mutual benefit.  Both have advantages and aspirations that are complementary, making it worthwhile to form partnerships.  David Buttler aptly stated in his book Design to Grow: "If you are working for a start-up, you get agility.  The thing that keeps you awake at night is scale.  If you are working in a large company you get scale. The thing that keeps you up at night is keeping up and staying competitive in a world of increasing uncertainty and change, complicated by start-ups searching for ways to disrupt your business.  You seek agility."

Our proposed approach can be best symbolized by a bridge, providing a structural connection between two different worlds with the aim to take the best from each for the greater good of both. Well-constructed alliances with banks will provide their customers with benefits which are far superior to those that could be assembled individually.  With extensive years of banking experience, our team understands the investment needs of banking customers and has true appreciation and aptitude for managing the required integration with banking systems to deliver a reliable and seamless solution.


 The market is out there

Changing customer expectations and unmet needs are the main reasons we fundamentally believe this market will grow exponentially.